Logo and corporate design

The process of developing your logo and corporate design is always a joint work of designers and creators. We start with the process of organizing a brand image, which takes into account the physical properties of the product or service, the emotions that it causes the consumer.

There is an appeal not only to consciousness, but also to emotions and the subconscious. We will finally refine your image product after analyzing customer feedback, which will help you stand out from many similar products and services.


Brand Naming

One of the most effective methods of attracting the attention of the target audience is the formation of a colorful visual image of the product. Brand visualization is part of our corporate package to promote your online business.

The brand’s visualization includes the development of the color spectrum of the brand, the choice of graphic expression in company badges, the creation of a spectacular font in custom photo banners that can be used on the website and for printed advertising materials.


Brand Guide

The final stage of brand development is the creation of a single set of documents that combines all the verbal and visual elements of your logo, regulates further work with it, and facilitates the implementation of its verbal and visual standards in the daily activities of the company. We also try to convey the philosophy, values and essence of the brand, first of all, to the employees of your company.

Choosing a brand name is an important first step in the branding process. We have experience working with several startup companies such as Latito, EcoGeo and HHH, which, thanks to the effective choice of brand name, have become recognizable and have moved far ahead on the road to success.

brand guide.

Brand awareness

We are developing a top-level brand strategy using original slogans and unique sales outlets. Our strategists and creators work together in order to satisfy your requests to create the image of your business.

This includes copywriting - from creative advertising to posts on social networks, the development of a full version of the site and marketing advertising. We make sure that the voice of your brand is loud, clear and most importantly - well recognized among consumers of your product.



Services Days Price
Brand Naming 3 200 $
Logo 2 options 7 300 $
Brandbook 12 500 $
Development of corporate identity 15 600 $