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Companies that take their work seriously on the Internet use Web Digital for SEO, partly because our approach is radically different from the universal services available at any other agency in Uzbekistan and abroad.

The methods of crawling, evaluating and classifying sites by search engines have changed dramatically. In fact, Google’s classification algorithm now takes into account hundreds of variables that change up to 500 times a year. A team of Web Digital experts is always ahead of these changes, tracking and adapting to each update in order to maintain an increase in the overall ranking in the top ten searches.

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Today SEO is a set of operations. Google’s algorithms are increasingly taking into account “human” parameters - rewarding and ranking above those sites that users will rate, interact, share and frequently visit.

That's why Web Digital’s promotion approach goes far beyond metadata and keyword density. We manage variables from the quantity and quality of content to usability and web navigation. We effectively use internal, external and social networks, user behavior on the website, such as: bounce rate and page views. Our holistic methodology ensures that every aspect of your site - i.e. links, structure, content and codes - will help promote your site in search engines.

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Keyword development is a keyword strategy that spans the search volume. Social Media Integration - analyze which social networks are best for publishing your content

Social Media Integration - Analyzes which social networks are best for publishing your content.


SEO- Website Promotion

Services Days Price
SEO audit 3 250 $
Internal website optimization 3 350 $
External website optimization 10 450 $
Landing Page Promotion 30 650 $
SEO Promotion New Website 30 700 $
SEO Promotion of Regional Website 30 850 $
SEO Promotion eCommerce 30 1200 $
Website Promotion in Russia 30 1400 $
Website Promotion in the US 30 1500 $
Website Promotion in China 30 1800 $
SERMs 30 2200 $
Brand promotion 30 2500 $