The aim of the Social media Marketing.


Content marketing

The most interesting content in the world will not be able to help your business if no one sees it. Social media platforms are great distribution channels. Our experts will place your content where people often visit.

It will also help organize an audience that will follow you regularly. Each user of your channel will receive notifications every time you post something new. It’s hard not to notice and not to react to such advertising.

SMM technology.

SMM drive

Web Digital uses social networks as an effective tool for creating an information channel to reach the maximum potential of Internet marketing. Through this process your business can create a system that can accurately determine the behavioral patterns of clients and respond to their needs.

We believe that analytics in social networks is the key to creating a reliable strategy. New user measurements are not enough. Thanks to various reporting analysis tools in social networks, we can track which type of content works best, who is your audience, and so on.


Brand awareness

The principles of the SMM management, which are guided by the specialists of Web Digital, are identical to those used by the media giants Facebook, LinkedIn, VK, YouTube, Instagram.

Sounds interesting, doesn`t it? So, contact us today to learn more about paid and free methods of advertising on social networks and how it will benefit your business.

LinkedIn Promotion

LinkedIn — it is an exclusive platform on which a business can always count on whether you are looking for suitable talents or are interested in promoting special offers in the most professional way.

Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook promotion

Promotion in one of the most popular social networks Facebook. Facebook is a powerful mechanism for the success of any business, especially when it comes to e-commerce. The platform helps disseminate information as quickly as possible among millions of targeted leads, contributing to sales growth.

Instagram Promotion

Promoting on Instagram, one of the fastest growing social media platforms, has a high chance of success. Ads on Instagram are based on the Facebook advertising system, which is famous for its powerful targeting capabilities. We will help you identify your target audience by location, demographic data, interests, behavior, etc.

VK & YouTube.

Promotion in VK

Digital promotion in VK among millions of target customers is quite promising. The social network is very popular among young people and is characterized by a group model of communication, while having the opportunity for deep targeting. We can customize VK advertising for a specific gender and location of a potential consumer of this advertisement.

YouTube Promotion

Promotion on YouTube. Promotion of business offers through the creation and publication of videos has become one of the most influential forms of advertising. And YouTube is positioning itself as an unrivaled player in the video content arena. How can you stay behind when each company uses its potential?


Display ads

Services Days Price
Development of HTML5 Banner 30 350 $
Mail.ru Banner ads 10 250 $
Yandex РСЯ 10 450 $
Google КМС 10 450 $
Email Marketing 10 800 $

Promotion SMM

Services Days Price
Facebook 30 600 $
Instagram 30 600 $
TikTok 30 900 $
Twitter 30 600 $
Messenger Bot 30 600 $
OK 30 600 $
LinkedIn 30 900 $