Video marketing.

promo video.

The power of video marketing

. For example, Nike, a company that creates colorful, stellar videos that tell amazing stories. Many people, seeing such a promo video, subscribe to an email or YouTube channel because they want to see more. They share them on social networks because they want their friends to experience the same excitement.

You can say, “I don’t have a budget like Nike does.” Of course not. However, you can work with Web Digital to create original creative video content that truly captures the attention of your target audience.


The essence of video content

The essence of video content. Video content helps you position your brand in a particular area, providing maximum information to consumers who are not ready or did not plan to make a purchase. Nevertheless, the videos they watched about your product, for example, on Facebook and YouTube, will become an occasion for cooperation with your brand.

Exciting stories and engaging videos allow potential customers to learn more about your products and ultimately go shopping — even if they didn’t plan it when they first clicked on your YouTube channel. This is the principle of video marketing, which is effectively used by almost 90 percent of companies.


Video Production

Video content specialists of Web Digital work in tandem with our other online marketing services to optimize your online productivity. Video content enhances SEO, generates links, and fills your site with quality material that search engines can identify and find valuable

The video complements social media by transforming a one-time visit into a trusting, regular relationship. The analysis showed that when consumers find the video we created, they stay on the channel to find out more.


From concept to finished products

Web Digital, an online marketing agency, will work with you to refine your concept, outline the scope of your project and draw up a work plan. We will guide you through all pre-production, production and post-production stages. We will use the most effective style of cooperation, which will best reflect your views and ideas.

Animation or live action, 30 seconds or 30 minutes, shot in the studio or on the spot - in any case, we will help you best achieve your goals without exceeding your intended budget.

Our video content production capabilities include: corporate interviews and videos about the business, product demonstrations, animations and promotional videos with explanations, live events, drone videos, training and educational content, branded web content and much more.


Video marketing

Services Days Price
Logo animation 5 150 $
Stories for Instagram 5 pieces 5 300 $
Video clip 1 min 7 400 $
Promotional video 3 min. 10 1000 $
YouTube video ads 10 700 $