Creation and promotion of mobile applications for iOS and Android in Tashkent.

IOS and Android application development.

When more than half of the world's Internet traffic comes from mobile phones, the development of mobile applications is considered not just a good business, it is critically important. A well-designed mobile app can run much faster than a website, and it is more personalized.


Mobile Application Development

Web Digital agency guarantees the creation of mobile applications in Tashkent for Android and iOS in compliance with all necessary conditions. Our experience develops along with technologies, but the main mission always remains the same - the development of mobile applications in the App Store and Google Play-beautiful, intuitive and reliable. The applications are thoroughly researched and tested to ensure that they work flawlessly and meet all the criteria set by customers.


Consulting services

We can create reliable, fully scalable and secure enterprise-level mobile applications on iOS and Android. In addition, as experts in developing HTML5 mobile applications, WD can also create cross-platform mobile applications that will run seamlessly on any device or platform.

If you want to improve the quality of your software, automate processes, adapt your corporate culture and speed up software release, our DevOps consulting services can help you. WD DevOps Services combines a cultural philosophy, practices, and tools designed to enhance your organization’s ability to deliver applications and services faster and with less effort.

Mobile strategy.


As a leading consultant on mobile strategy, WD has extensive experience in creating high-performance, digital conversion and full-featured mobile applications for all major mobile platforms. With mobile search superior to desktop search, mobile strategies are a key component of any online business. Naturally, this means that developing a mobile digital strategy for your business is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. Whatever your business model, whatever your industry, the reality is that your mobile presence is an important part of your continued growth and digital success.

Cross-platform applications.

Brand awareness

With such a wide range of mobile devices and platforms, WD’s experience in creating mobile applications using standard web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript has no analogues in the market. There are several adaptable and powerful cross-platform mobile development environments, such as Ember.js, AngularJS, Sencha, SproutCore, React Native, or PhoneGap, which provide an HTML5-based platform for designing and developing your own web applications that will look, feel and function for provide an equally rich user experience on all devices (ios, android).



Services Days Price

Android Application Development


1800 $

IOS App Development


1900 $

IOS & Android Application Development


3200 $

Ads in Play store & App Store


900 $

Ads in App Store


600 $

Ads in Play Store


600 $