Contextual advertising in Google and Yandex.

Pay-per-click advertising. PPC.

Contextual advertising (Google Ads and Yandex Direct) is a very cost-effective method of advertising both in search engines and on websites. With contextual advertising, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad, and you also have control over how much you pay for each click and how much budget you spend on your ad campaigns, so you never overspend.

If youve never run an ad on Google before, then you havent yet experienced the benefits of showing ads to your target audience within minutes of launching a campaign.

Contextual advertising is always a full-time job. Google Ads and Yandex Advertising requires genuine experience to set up an advertising campaign correctly to achieve significant results.

PPC flow.

Empower your business-internet with flow

PPC advertising, also known as PPC (Google Ads, Yandex Direct and Bing ads), plays an important role in encouraging consumers to take action - to sign up for a newsletter, buy products, etc.

Smart management of Google Ads helps businesses get real, measurable results quickly.

Successful PPC advertising requires an experienced internet marketer who can deliver meaningful results. Web Digital is a contextual advertising agency that has such marketers for managing contextual advertising, including Google advertising.


Everything in numbers

With ten years of experience in online advertising and contextual advertising based on efficiency and creativity, Web Digital is the advertising campaign management agency that can deliver the results you need.

Our employees working in the field of Yandex Direct, remarketing, Google Ads guarantee that our clients PR campaigns will always be in trend and in demand for any target audience. Another advantage of working with Web Digital agency is our ability to seamlessly integrate an advertising campaign for your business. We create your PPC strategy with SEO, content marketing, video review and web analytics in mind.

Inside conversion.

Count on Web Digital

How Google Ads works, which is widely used in the contextual advertising agency Web Digital. These are PPC ads. Google Ads allow you to directly reach your target audience - they are shown only to those people who are looking for the products you advertise. Plus, you only pay when someone actually clicks (clicks) on your ad. Therefore, you will know that you are getting the most out of your ROI investment.

magic ads.

Semantic kernel

Internet marketers today pay search engines like Google and Yandex to place ads on contextual advertising with the goal of keeping businesses consistently at the top of search engines. The user enters a keyword, such as "womens sneakers," and results appear at the top of the search engines in a square box labeled "Ad" or "Advertising."

Creative services like graphic design and video content enhance the quality of your paid ads by converting ad views into clicks and motivating consumers to visit your website.

The approach of the contextual advertising agency Web Digital to setting up Google Ads and Yandex Direct, from installation to research and reporting, is unlike any other that advertising firms offer in Uzbekistan.


Contextual advertising

Services Days Price

Yandex Direct


500 $

Google Ads


500 $

Google Ads + Yandex Direct


700 $

Advertising of products in Google Shopping


700 $