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Web Digital agency portfolio includes a wide variety of projects.

We have extensive experience in developing websites for many business areas. We can easily create a corporate website for your company, an e-commerce website, website for travel agency or landing page. It designed to increase the conversion rate of sales of your services or products. We can set up a convenient, useful, individual functionality for your marketing that will meet the unique needs of your business.

Our skills in promotion include developing SEO algorithm, setting up and running Google ads and Yandex Direct, and much more. Thanks to the correct configuration and individual approach, the websites of our clients in the shortest possible time go to the top in popular search engines.

  • Title:

    LABB - insurance company

  • Service:

    Branding, Web Development and Logo

  • Niche:


  • Tools:

    Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD


Strategic work was aimed at showing the company's passion for innovation. The goal was to develop an improved image based on the established format through redesigning the brand and website.


  • The brand book we created for them states: “We are discoverers, innovators, dreamers and visionaries. Where others see invincible mountains, we see opportunities. This sounds somewhat pompous, but when we took LABB - an insurance company as part of our branding perception process, then in talking with their customers, pathos turned out to be justified.
    We found that LABB is an insurance company whose activities are in line with the spirit of Alpomysh - a legendary hero, a brilliant strategist whose life was dedicated to serving the community. Thanks to our work, we presented the company in this capacity as having decisiveness and social responsibility.

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