24 April 2020 г.



Slack- will not leave you indifferent. Funny gifs and useful chatbots do not catch you, then an endless array of integrations will certainly reduce your emails.

HipChat is another great tool to chat with people from Atlassian. Adding Hipchat to the mix will help optimize your life, if your team uses Jira or other Atlassian products.

Workplace by Facebook has just launched this collaboration platform, which includes messaging, voice and video calls, and news feed features to help teams work more efficiently.

Google Hangouts is the default video meeting tool. Slack even lets you start a video call right from the channel!
Zoom, as an alternative to Hangouts, has a higher threshold for the number of people who can attend a meeting at the same time.
Need to record a high-speed video? How about live streaming or training for your team? YouTube Live is an alternative to Google Hangout to scale broadcasts worldwide.

It’s a great app for sharing screen and team calls. It does not freeze as often as other tools, making it a great choice for quick meetings on-the-go.

“Figure it Out” or FIO, perfectly displays time zones in which your team can work actively.
Project and task management is particularly well suited for remote teams due to its extensive management and task tracking capabilities.
Float is another great tool for tracking team resources and projects. Easy to use and customizable depending on your client’s payment structure. Great for small teams!

JIRA is used in Skillcrush to manage work sprints for both developers and marketers. JIRA is a fairly reliable project and problem tracker.
Agile Sprint tracker is easy to use, which allows to manage projects easily.
Trello is easy to use, which makes it not only an excellent tool for managing projects and tasks, but also a leader in prioritizing the functions of a remote product! Has a mobile application.

Todoist is my choice from the to-do list, which manages to get out of the thin line between easy and quick to use, but at the same time having a lot of custom options.

iDoneThis is an interesting tool for remote teams that want to keep track of each other's progress.
This is an ideal tool for developers to post their code on the network. GitHub is also the preferred site for many wiki companies.

InVision is a great tool for creating prototypes and sharing them with your team. Contextual comments facilitate reviews accumulation.

Cloud development environment with native code editor and Ubuntu workspace.

This Evernote app allows remote teams to comment, tag, and quickly sketch ideas. You can get it for your desktop, tablet and phone and commence work, wherever you are.

Write and share HTML / CSS and JavaScript on-the-go! Share with your remote team members and view your code / get real-time feedback.
Box is not only cloud storage, but also my collaboration tool in the cloud. It's more than just storage, so be sure to check Box extensibility.
Google Drive needs no introduction. Store and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more in your Google account.
This is cloud storage for most development teams and developers. Dropbox also recently announced Paper, a standalone application similar to Google Docs that lets you collaborate in real time.

Do you manage a remote team and want to feel their level of happiness? Chimp is a quick tool designed just for this and allows teams to also provide feedback, much like an old-school suggestion box.

Need to coordinate the available time for a remote team? Email the survey and find the time that is best for everyone.

Meldium is a single sign-on and password management solution for shared accounts.

I'm new to ProdPad, but still intrigued. ProdPad is a tool for remote product management groups that prioritizes features and builds roadmaps.

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