24 April 2020 г.

5 Tips to Improve Email Marketing

5 Tips to Improve Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business services. Although many companies still use direct mail. Most probably, their budgets would be better to spend on email marketing.
However, some companies cannot fully realize the benefits of email marketing. Therefore, there are five best ways for any business to improve their email campaigns and to convince them.

1. Personalize your email content.
Most marketers are aware of the benefits of personalization, but many do not take it seriously. Personalized email content is definitely one of the best ways to increase your email marketing performance. According to statistics, personalized emails offer six times higher transaction speed than emails without any personalization. Other studies have shown that clickthrough rates are 14 percent higher and conversion rates 10 percent higher when personalization is part of the overall email content.
However, personalization for many enterprises means that they simply include the name in the contact. This is far from ideal strategy, and many subscribers are now fully aware of this tactic. Instead, personalization should be taken to the next level.
One way to do it is to divide your audience into groups. Then you can send more relevant content to each group.
This means that they simply include the name of the contact. This is far from an ideal strategy. Instead, personalization should be taken to the next level.

2. Avoid certain words.
Spam filters are designed to prevent malicious messages from reaching your audience. Of course, spammers usually use words that the companies themselves would like to use. Thus, filters are becoming more sophisticated and allow more authentic content to access inboxes. However, there are times, when your email may be mistaken for something malicious.
Therefore, you need to minimize the use of certain words that are considered spam in these filters. For example, words such as “deal,” “50% discount,” and similar keywords are likely to send your email to the spam folder.

3. Change the time for sending emails.
The goal here is to catch people who are just about to check their incoming mail or are in the process. This will put your email close to the topline of their inbox. The more time between sending and checking customers, the less likely that your letter is read.
You also do not want to send advertising content at the same time as everyone else, so sending emails on weekends is the best option. Studies have shown that many companies do not run weekend campaigns, so you will have fewer competitors and more people will check their emails on weekends than ever before.

4. Make sure you create a list of active email addresses.
Some entrepreneurs are often proud to advertise how many people are on their mailing lists. However, long lists mean nothing.
There are many ways to make sure your list is busy. This requires the removal of old and inactive subscribers, eventually, it will help you achieve more profitable campaigns. The first thing to do is to check addresses that have been rejected three or more times. Make sure that a simple error, such as “.con” instead of “.com”, is not liable for the error.
You can also use email verification services.

5. Optimize Email for Mobile.
The number of people who open emails on their mobile phone varies depending on the cited study. One study said that 46 percent of people opened emails on their mobile phones, while another found that 59 percent of emails opened on their devices. Very few people use an e-mail client to open email (from 15 to 18 percent).
To support your efforts, make sure your campaigns are optimized for these devices. If your campaigns do not look good on a mobile device, people will not read them and take action. So, make sure you have great mobile templates. A few quick tips include:

Email marketing can be the best way to grow your business. It has remained the most profitable form of internet marketing for over a decade. However, too many companies enable optimize their campaigns to maximize potential revenue. So, make sure that your emails are personalized as much as possible and avoid the pitfalls that your competitors fall into. Most of these changes can be made without overly disrupting your current campaigns. So, why not implement them right away?

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