23 April 2020 г.

Four marketing streams from China in 2020

Four marketing streams from China in 2020

We are looking at some trends in technology, Internet marketing in China since the beginning of the year.
Seniors - 60 years of age and older - are the fastest growing generation in China. This age group with over 170 million people that increases daily, comfortably uses technology and is open to new experiences.

1. Second life: these elderly people live a working life, and now they seek to balance the maximum pleasure from their new leisure time and the support of their children (for example, caring for grandchildren). Brands should consider providing relevant content and support.

2. Maintaining health: older people live a healthier lifestyle. A huge amount of conflicting information about a healthy lifestyle is reason for brands to give authoritative advice.

3. The search for significant opportunities for socialization. Increasing leisure time means that older people can now spend more time with friends and family. Brands can take the lead in creating opportunities for older people to develop greater attachment to friends and family.

4. Open to the use of technology: brands should facilitate the use of technology by older people - one way is to engage them

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