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Social Media Marketing in Uzbekistan

Social Media Marketing in Uzbekistan

What is SMM marketing in Uzbekistan?

SMM Marketing is mandatory in the modern dictionary.
SMM marketing has become embedded in our routine so closely that a person who is very far from this area will explain what it is in general. It may even be considered absurd for a modern person not to know the concepts of these terms, because marketing is really everywhere and is extremely necessary for any kind of business in our time. Competition has undoubtedly always led to confusion and eternal rivalry of similar enterprises, but when the era of digital technologies has come, it is not enough to lower the price or hang an advertising banner so that the customer wants to buy goods from you and continue to cooperate. Now the old method of outdoor advertising will not add to your trust among the customer base in any way, but word of mouth will still work. However, this method will not work immediately if your business appeared just a couple of days ago. The same marketing is being used, which will help attract new customers thanks to strategic solutions and methods that work on platforms such as LinkedIn, Telegram, Meta, Tik Tok and commercial sites.

Local perception or how it is developed in our country.
Not so long ago, this service sector reached the Uzbek market, which still needs powerful specialists, communities and organizations to develop effective business marketing among local manufacturing enterprises. First of all, our country is like a New Land for the development of all kinds of innovations, ideas, spheres of activity, cultures and social policy, so marketing also quickly became the most popular among young people. The phenomenon has been noticed that this is now not just a fashionable part-time job for students, but a whole complex profession that has attracted middle-aged people who also want to get it as an additional specialty, not to mention the amount that is offered to marketers, SMM developers and target experts. However, this niche is still in demand in Uzbekistan.

All this explains why we still have to improve the niche and bring it up to the level of European countries.

What is the main incident that can happen when launching a marketing plan? What could be the difficulty of this direction?

Everything is simple. People see the screen with the title, and then decide whether they are interested in reading it or not. Scroll through a couple of sheets or pages, if it doesn't cling further, they close it. Any third-party reader looks only at the material, at the visual and contextual structure, but does not think in any way about the work and process done for this product, how much you spent on writing the text, whether you are trying to sell something in this way or just blog about life. They can and should only care about one thing – interesting material. The target audience can be so unpredictable that the costs allocated for one invoice may not fully justify the lost money and time of employees.

In Uzbekistan, in recent years, the need for Internet marketing has been increasing more and more, and people already understand that for a cool business you need a cool face in social networks. This is the very place where the client gets acquainted completely with the company's goods or services. Here they will be provided with all the information about the brand, starting with the history of creation, down to the smallest details of the business, for example: what equipment is used, what is the structure and purpose of the enterprise, and for maximum convenience they will indicate the exact address and contact numbers for the hotline, thereby helping the client to make the right choice and trust real professionals. However, you can't call every local marketer an expert who will guarantee maximum profit thanks to a couple of Instagram posts. Marketing and everything related to it is a discipline, and most newcomers who have completed only a couple of courses and have a minimal amount of knowledge in this field are not used to acting intelligently and cannot deeply understand the essence of their profession. Very often there are cases when beginners make the same mistake, namely, they take only one template or sample, and apply it to all projects that are completely different from each other. Content marketing will be a waste of money if you have nothing to say, so it is very important to work on high-quality content. Being able to understand exactly what is needed to attract the attention of future customers, methods and the best business integration is still not an easy task. In order to skillfully manage projects and be one step ahead of the nearest competitors, in our country it is necessary to introduce as much effort as possible to develop super-solutions, cases, plans and own strategies that will help not only significantly increase the number of buyers and the status of the best enterprise, but also fit perfectly into the target audience living on specific territories of Central Asia. To understand what you are doing at all, you need to delve into one thought, marketing is primarily a business. You are connected with money, business, companies and people who know how the trading market works. Any marketer will be zero, provided there is a lack of basic knowledge of the local market, the business enterprises of their city and the processes taking place within different industry companies. In addition, one of the most important points is a clear analysis of your audience, to know what they want and what will be useful for them, while using the best tools and insights that will help involve living people in a certain environment, in our case, business accounts and digital enterprise platforms.
If we talk about more advanced specialists who have little experience and produce several author's projects, then there are correspondingly more requirements. Creative directors and chief marketing officers should know Everything. They work with copywriters, designers and layout designers, photographers and video operators, and other experts who are involved in the process of launching a business project. A true professional sees his idea in his own words and should be able to convey it to his subordinates. Successful products are not just a theory or certain rules as in the exact sciences, they are broad thinking and creativity, the ability to think differently, which leads to noticeable results. This is the very profession where there are no boundaries in teaching. Marketing in our country is at a low level, because, firstly, unfortunately, not all Uzbek factories, factories and companies understand how effective it can be for their business, while they are amazed when they hear the amount of these services, and secondly, although it is popular now, but the effectiveness is quite low it is difficult to find literate people who understand marketing and will be able to promote even a dead business.

What we have achieved since the advent of marketing in the Uzbek market.

Despite the fact that so far we cannot match the result with European standards, still a lot of work has been done when launching the first projects. Influence marketing has become very popular since the beginning of 2018-19, when some companies were already doing it and invested not bad money. During this very period, competition increased even more, it was then that people were looking for experienced marketers, SMM specialists and slowly our people began to get interested in this area. At the same time, the state did not stand aside and noticed the high demand and interest. In 2019, with the support of the local government, the World Influencers Congress event was organized for the first time.

Large enterprises, banks, factories and other brands also got involved, realizing that it was time to reach a higher level and earn as much trust as possible and scale their customer base. Thanks to the advertising boom, a new niche has finally appeared, agencies and special companies that are engaged in brand promotion, its integration and promotion in the residential area have begun to open. For example, brand agencies Web Digital (WD) in Tashkent and Samarkand, which are not unimportant contribution and the very concept of "SMM". In addition, since the large requests for training, many business schools, centers and courses have opened, where not only local teachers, but also foreign specialists from neighboring countries teach now. This already suggests that this area has just begun. Our people are ready to learn, develop and implement as much experience as possible to improve marketing and solve complex advertising tasks in our country. In the near future, this specialty will be included in the list of the most popular and important professions in the world, which means that with the acquired skills and work experience even in Uzbekistan, you will also be much needed anywhere in the World.

You can order a promotion in a Web Digital agency. We serve not only in Samarkand and Tashkent, but also in other cities.


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